Jorge G. Aristotelidis

The Law office of Jorge G. Aristotelidis focuses solely on criminal law in both state and federal courts, at the pretrial, trial, appeal and post-conviction (habeas corpus, writ of coram nobis, etc.) levels. Mr. Aristotelidis has been a criminal defense lawyer for over 30 years. He is a former Assistant Federal Public Defender who handled one of the country’s largest criminal dockets in the Southern District of Texas, Laredo Division. He received his undergraduate and law degrees from The University of Texas at Austin, and is double certified in criminal law and criminal appellate law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization (TBLS). Mr. Aristotelidis speaks fluent Spanish.

The law office of Jorge Aristotelidis specializes in handling the difficult cases of criminal defense. Experience, education, and know-how are essential to successfully resolving your case. When you hire Jorge Aristotelidis you get experience, dedication, and a prepared and committed defense lawyer. Mr. Aristotelidis handles state and federal charges in trial and appellate courts and has argued before state and federal appellate courts, including the Second, Fifth, and Tenth Circuit Courts of Appeals, and has successfully appealed a case before the United States Supreme Court. He is skilled in the highly technical areas of writs and appeals and writs of habeas corpus. He has obtained downward variances from recommended guideline sentences, as is now allowed since the Supreme Court’s landmark Booker opinion. If you need a lawyer that can handle a more difficult criminal charge call or email Jorge Aristotelidis today.

Jorge G. Aristotelidis

Praise for Jorge G. Aristotelidis


Best Criminal Defense Attorney!! If I could give 10 stars review – I would!

I was charged with domestic violence/injury to a child in 2019. Before I started working with George, I hired another attorney in San Antonio. She was unresponsive, detached from my case and projected the feeling she is not sure she will be able to defend me. I was scared and crushed, since I believed I was wrongfully charged and was determined to fight it. When people are faced with the fear of the unknown and during the process are given a sense of peace throughout this unfamiliar legal process, then they have found the correct legal representation. When I met with George and his team – Mac Bozza and Ishan Sareen, I immediately got a sense of calm, assurance that this charge may be dismissed, and that his team will do whatever it takes to accomplish this result and they did!! When they took this case, they very carefully reviewed all of the evidence, discussed in details the defense strategies and stayed closely in touch throughout the whole process. George’s legal expertise and experience as well as communication skills are impeccable and he is determined to win. It was a 2 year process that culminated in an amazing victory and I owe it all to Mr. Aristotelidis and his team. All members of the team organically complement each other in their expertise and skills and all are fearless winning trial attorneys. I was so fortunate and privileged to have them in my corner. If you want the best possible process and result anyone can give you – you need to work with Mr. Aristotelidis and his team!

Bull Dog

I just submitted a review for a member of Jorge’s team. Let me say, Jorge cares about his clients. Truly. He listens and he’s great at what he does. Not sure why there’s not more reviews here other than people don’t sit and review, as I’ve only done this twice now. I’m submitting this because we were completely lost after falling for two other, separate, worthless attorneys we went through while our family member sat in jail for over an year. Jorge knows the Constitution and he uses it for your defense. Our family member was arrested with no regard to Constitution. The gov’t doesn’t care and once they get their bite on you, YOU have to come up with a defense. Jorge is a superb researcher on case law and puts that to excellent writing in Motions. You must have an attorney who knows the Constitution (sadly, many don’t use it or know it), researches well and puts it all together in an expertise way to hopefully have a judge grant the Motion. You won’t go wrong with Jorge, who is also works with two other attorneys who are just as excellent. We’ve named these three “The Dream Team”.


The PITBULLS of the crooked “justice” system. Wanna know who earns their fee? Jorge, Mac and Shawn are unstoppable. They know the law, case law and the good old Constitution forwards and backwards. They are my HEROES!

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