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Introducing the unparalleled criminal defense attorney team: SDA Attorneys. A powerhouse of legal expertise, unwavering commitment, and an exceptional track record in protecting the rights and liberties of their clients. With a combined experience of over five decades, this formidable team of legal warriors stands at the forefront of the justice system, advocating fiercely for those facing criminal charges.

Their dedication to each case is unmatched, as they leave no stone unturned in crafting strategic defense strategies tailored to the unique circumstances of each client. This team of seasoned board certified criminal lawyers boasts an impressive success rate in securing acquittals, reduced charges, and favorable outcomes for their clients, even in the most complex and high-stakes cases.

Sifuentes, Del Prado, and Aristotelidis pride themselves on their unwavering commitment to ensuring that every individual’s rights are safeguarded. They approach each case with empathy and understanding, recognizing that being accused of a crime can be a daunting and overwhelming experience. As staunch defenders of justice, they stand firmly by their clients’ side, providing unwavering support and guidance at every step.

When you hire this exceptional defense attorney team, you’re securing the expertise of a group of dedicated professionals who will relentlessly fight to protect your freedom, reputation, and future. With this team, you can rest assured that you have a formidable force in your corner, ready to take on any legal challenge and strive relentlessly for the best possible outcome.

Jorge G Aristotelidis, Ben M Sifuentes Jr., Mario Del Prado
Capital murder

Capital murder, also known as first-degree murder in some jurisdictions, is the most serious homicide offense. It refers to the intentional and premeditated killing of another person with specific aggravating circumstances.

Sex offenses
Sex offenses, also known as sexual offenses or crimes, encompass a range of illegal actions that involve sexual misconduct or abuse. Sex offenses are taken very seriously by law enforcement and can result in severe legal consequences, including imprisonment, registration as a sex offender, and restrictions on future activities and interactions.

Assault can be charged as a criminal offense, and the severity of the charges may vary depending on the jurisdiction and the extent of the harm caused or intended.

Domestic violence
Domestic violence charges refer to the legal accusations brought against an individual for committing acts of violence, abuse, or harassment against a current or former intimate partner or family member. These charges can encompass a range of offenses, including physical assault, emotional abuse, stalking, and other forms of coercive behavior within the context of a domestic relationship.
In Texas, DWI stands for “Driving While Intoxicated.” DWI charges are filed against individuals who operate a motor vehicle in a public place while under the influence of alcohol or drugs, impairing their normal mental and physical faculties. DWI is a serious offense and can result in penalties such as fines, license suspension, mandatory alcohol education programs, and even jail time, depending on the number of prior offenses and other factors.
Drug charges
Drug charges refer to criminal offenses related to the possession, distribution, manufacturing, trafficking, or cultivation of illegal drugs or controlled substances. These charges can be prosecuted at both the state and federal levels, depending on the specific circumstances and the type and quantity of drugs involved. Penalties for drug charges can vary widely, ranging from fines and probation to lengthy prison sentences, depending on the severity of the offense and the individual’s criminal history.
Federal crimes
Federal crimes are offenses that violate the laws established by the United States federal government and are prosecuted in federal courts. These crimes encompass a wide range of offenses, such as drug trafficking, interstate fraud, immigration violations, and offenses committed on federal property.
White collar crimes

White-collar crime refers to non-violent, financially motivated offenses committed by individuals or organizations, typically involving deceit, fraud, or manipulation to achieve financial gain.

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With over 100 years of combined experience between Ben M. Sifluentes, Mario Del Prado, and Jorge G Aristotelidis, rest assured that you are hiring the best board certified criminal lawyers with SDA Attorneys.

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Meet our team of esteemed attorneys, each a beacon of legal expertise and unwavering dedication to their craft. With a wealth of experience spanning diverse practice areas, our attorneys are well-equipped to tackle even the most complex and challenging criminal defense cases.

Ben M. Sifuentes Jr.

Ben M. Sifuentes Jr.

To me, nothing is more satisfying than hearing the words, “Not guilty.” This is why I am methodical in my preparation for trial, thoroughly reviewing every shred of evidence, including reports from law enforcement and experts, and examining the credibility and motives of witnesses to build a strong defense on your behalf.

Mario Del Prado

Mario Del Prado

Mario is certified as a Criminal Law Expert by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization, a designation less than 1% of all Texas lawyers have. When your future, your family’s and all others who may rely upon you are imperiled, do not just seek the lowest priced representation. Seek quality, experience and a road tested litigator.

Jorge G. Aristotelidis

Jorge G. Aristotelidis

Jorge G. Aristotelidis focuses solely on criminal law in both state and federal courts, at the pretrial, trial, appeal and post-conviction levels. He is a former Assistant Federal Public Defender who handled one of the country’s largest criminal dockets in the Southern District of Texas, Laredo Division.

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“I can truly say Ben Sifuentes takes your best interests at heart and does not do things without thinking them over hundreds of times. He wants to make sure every angle is covered to give you the best defense imaginable. Ben is also tenacious, almost “Pitbullesque.” If you need an attorney to grab a hold and not let go, then I highly recommend Ben Sifuentes. I was terminated from my job on a Thursday, by Monday I was rehired. Ben will use every legal avenue he has and knows to defend you.”


–An Employment Defense Client



“Best Criminal Defense in San Antonio!
The Del Prado Law firm cared about me and treated me with the utmost respect and attention. They saved me from a charge that would’ve radically changed my life for the worse! Mr. and Mrs. Del Prado do everything they can to get the best possible outcome for their clients like they did for me. My outcome was something I could have only dreamed about, and they accomplished it. If you are in the San Antonio area, and find yourself in a situation where you need criminal representation, contact the Del Prado law firm as soon as possible so you can get your situation taken care of by the best lawyers.”


–Mateo Gomez



“Bull Dog
I just submitted a review for a member of Jorge’s team. Let me say, Jorge cares about his clients. Truly. He listens and he’s great at what he does. Not sure why there’s not more reviews here other than people don’t sit and review, as I’ve only done this twice now. I’m submitting this because we were completely lost after falling for two other, separate, worthless attorneys we went through while our family member sat in jail for over an year. Jorge knows the Constitution and he uses it for your defense. Our family member was arrested with no regard to Constitution. The gov’t doesn’t care and once they get their bite on you, YOU have to come up with a defense. Jorge is a superb researcher on case law and puts that to excellent writing in Motions. You must have an attorney who knows the Constitution (sadly, many don’t use it or know it), researches well and puts it all together in an expertise way to hopefully have a judge grant the Motion. You won’t go wrong with Jorge, who is also works with two other attorneys who are just as excellent. We’ve named these three ‘The Dream Team’.”


–Grateful Client

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